In 2011, John Krahn and George Krahn joined forces to start Pinnaco Inc. Both being project management company owners (JK Builders and GK Jr. Construction ltd.), they decided to merge their commercial & residential contracting companies to create a combination of like-minded people who specialize in different aspects of construction and excel in their trade.

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Industry Knowledge & Expert Opinions

Pinnaco aims to be the best choice for your next build. With decades of industry knowledge in both residential and commercial projects we are always happy to pass on our knowledge to our clients. We want to provide you with the best advice for any application.

Experienced builders

First Hand Experience

Pinnaco has been involved in a wide variety of building projects. From starter homes to commercial buildings, we are confident in our ability to provide you with exactly what you are looking for. We have years of firsthand experience that we bring to each one of our projects.

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Pinnaco strives to work with trades people whose passion for what they do is reflected in the work they perform. Long standing relationships with many contractors in all areas of construction allows us to ensure that your needs and expectations are met or exceeded.